2018 Limestone Coast School Waste Reduction and Recycling Challenge

Limestone Coast School Waste Reduction and Recycling Challenge

Schools play an important role in the community as they help communities reduce and recycle waste, while saving money and teaching kids valuable lessons. In addition to this, schools have the potential to reduce the amount of resources they consume and dispose of. Schools also give young people knowledge skills and positive attitudes towards the environment.

The Limestone Coast Local Government Association together with the seven Councils across the Limestone Coast, are once again holding a Waste Reduction and Recycling Challenge in 2018 from the 5th of March to the 6th of April. It is open to all schools in the Limestone Coast region and the challenge is about changing attitudes towards waste and recycling thus helping reduce costs for Council and the community.

Competition categories

1. The least general waste on a per capita basis.

2. The most recyclables on a per capita basis.

3. The least amount of general waste and recycling generated on a per capita basis.

4. The highest amount of waste composted on a per capita basis.

Schools can enter any competition category or multiple categories.


Regional recognition will be given to the winning schools in each category through local media.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three schools in each category.

First prize $1,000 Second prize $ 500 Third prize $ 250

2017 challenge winners used their prize money in various ways.

  • Grant High School who won in two categories used their prize money towards buying a drone to support field work and working with the environment in HASS/Science.
  • Bordertown High School utilised their prize money to install sensor lights in school toilets.
  • St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School will purchase an Eglu Chicken Cube which will further assist with disposal of the school’s food organics and green organics.
  • The Independent Learning Centre used their winnings to purchase colour coded bins for use throughout the ILC so that sorting of waste can take place earlier in the system. They also purchased power tools to make re-used items from the transfer station easier to process.

Expressions of Interest are now open for schools to participate in the challenge. Please register your expression of interest online by the close of business Wednesday 23rd February 2018.

Click here to register your expression of interest

For further details or to obtain the registration process, contact Mae Steele on (08)8723 7310 or via email at admin@lclga.sa.gov.au.